Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Croydon Tops National Vegetarian Week Events

National Vegetarian Week

national Vegetarian Week

Croydon Top London Venue for National Vegetarian Week Events

Despite Croydon’s links to some highly esteemed people from DH Lawrence to Kate Moss it is often the favourite butt of comedians’ satirical taunts. Certainly it’s a place full of oxymorons , thus a lush oasis of comedic material ready for harvest.

Rarely making the top 10 lists about Croydon is that Croydon is home to one of the oldest surviving vegetarian groups in the world. Croydon Vegetarians was established in 1886 and is still going strong. Armed with this fact it’s probably then not quite so surprising that Croydon should have the most events organised for the Vegetarian Society’s National Vegetarian Week (19th – 25th May)

This year Croydon is celebrating National Vegetarian Week on every day of the week

1. National Vegetarian Week kicks off with a chocolate tasting session in Oasis Natural Health 96 The High Street, Croydon. Other goodies to try will be on offer too. Ladies from Croydon Vegetarians will be there to help you with any burning questions you may have.
2. On Tuesday 20th May a greengrocers in Waddon will be challenging Croydon citizens to try a different fruit or vegetable and dishing out free tasters. Graham the greengrocer will also have some tips about what to do with various more exotic fruit and veg and their nutritional properties.
3. On Wednesday the 21st Oasis health food store in Croydon High street has organised a Battle of the Bangers BBQ to engage Londoners and inspire them to judge London’s best meat free BBQ alternative from 5 competitor manufacturers. You’ll be able to nibble on Linda McCartney, Frys, Redwoods, Real Eat and Wicken Fen sausages. Celebrity nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston will be on hand to answer nutrition questions.
4. Thursday 22nd is the night when Lush Cosmetics will be hosting a pamper party, a book-signing, massage and taster therapy sessions. The first 50 visitors will receive a free rare bath bomb not available in the shops – a Rainbow Worrier.
5. On Friday night the 23rd Peppertons vegetarian restaurant in Selhurst will be offering a free glass of wine to the first 20 diners and the option to try a dairy free vegan cheese board supplied by Bute Island foods.
6. For Saturday the 24th of May Croydon’s Fair trade shop Fair Enough opposite the Croydon Parish Church in Church Street will be holding a Fair trade Tea Party for National Vegetarian Week with Fair trade cake and biscuits to try from Doves Farm.
National Vegetarian week 2008 celebrations end with a finale down in Bristol harbour on the 31st May and the 1st June at the Bristol Vegan Fayre. - 10,000 people attracted by an awesome line up of bands, food, speakers, entertainment and ethical shopping.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Vegan Waffle Recipe

Vegan Waffle Recipe

vegan waffles

The end of National Vegetarian Week sees the first International Vegan Waffle party day

I guess you'll be needing some vegan waffle recipes huh? Like I said >> Vegan Waffle Recipe

Once you have gained confidence why not throw a vegan waffle party?

See here you for your very own waffleholics anonymous support group

Q: Which city has been dubbed “Waffle Iron City”?

A: Pittsburgh, PA

Q: What’s the most important element of a waffle party?

A: The cool people who attend them!

Q: Is there really a waffle party holiday? When is it?

A: There is an International Waffle Day (March 25) which originated in Sweden, and a U.S. Waffle Day (August 24)

Join the world’s first multi-city vegan waffle party 5/24/08

Vegan Waffles or Pancakes

These vegan waffles are a tasty way to start the day or end a meal. They can be frozen and reheated in the oven or toaster.

The batter also works well for pancakes, and is especially tasty when you add small berries (blueberries, marionberries, raspberries, blackberries, loganberries, etc.) to the mix.


* 1 ripe banana, mashed

* 2 cups calciumm enriched rice milk

* 1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal

* 1 1/2 cups whole-wheat self raising flour

* 1 level teaspoon cinnamon

* 1 level teaspoon nutmeg

* vanilla extract to taste (optional)


Mix together the mashed banana and rice milk. Add dry ingredients and mix. Cook on a waffle iron, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Serve with agave or maple syrup, berries, or jam.