Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vegan Thanksgiving / Christmas Recipe Ideas for Vegetarians

Vegetarian Vegan Thanksgiving / Christmas Recipe idea with cranberries

“Turk-ish” Christmas Strudel

Options for Vegetarians and Vegans are usually woefully inadequate and  fail to live up to expectations for a celebration Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. So many chefs don't have the imagination or training to concoct a delicious and healthier alternative to traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas fayre. Some chef's are just too arrogant and conceited to realise that the world has moved on since they first started cooking dishes and that many more people are eating more vegan food for various reasons such as the Environment (like Director James Cameron) for Health (like President Bill Clinton) or for animal welfare reasons (like Boxer Mike Tyson)

Fry's Vegetarian have a selection of recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas that use their vegan, kosher, halal meat free meats. The recipes have a nod to the traditional with meaty texture and taste but a big emphasis on vegetables too. Chefs should be able to keep everyone happy with these kind of dishes be they allergic to shellfish, dairy intolerant, meat free, vegan or kosher.


Scampi - ish Vegan Fish Free Seafood Cocktail

Fry's vegan crispy pops on a bed of salad with a tangy dressing reminiscent of prawn or scampi cocktail

Christmas Turkey - ish Vegan Chestnut and Cranberry Strudel

With roast vegetables and dairy free cheesy kaleb and Herby beanie stuffing balls


Serve with a traditional nutty christmas pudding and custard made with cornflour, vanilla and oat or almond milk

Finish with port wine and a cheese board of Vegusto award winning dairy free vegan cheese 

Thanksgiving / Christmas vegan Party Snacks

Christmas / Thanksgiving vegan snack - savoury mince pie

For vegan party snack recipes also try these Thanksgiving / Christmas vegan Frys ideas

Savoury Vegan Mince Pies using Frys beef style mince

Mini Polony vegan Pizzas using Frys vegetarian legendary polony and Vegusto Melting Vegan Cheese

Thanks to Veggievision and Foods for Life

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