Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Vegan Mayo Not Mud at Glastonbury this year

“Glastonbury revellers may be swimming in Egg Free vegan mayo not mud” say Plamil, UK pioneers of plant milk products.

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Many people have fond, nostalgic memories of being knee deep in mud at the legendary annual midsummer rock festival Glastonbury. Glastonbury’s ancient and sacred mud has even been auctioned on Ebay.

The world famous open air festival at Glastonbury, Somerset, UK which has got much bigger since the demise of Stonehenge free festival is renowned for enjoying freak mid-summer downpours which turns the whole festival and camp site into a quagmire of mud and sludge.

This year Glastonbury’s visitors from Tepee dwellers, beatniks and hippies to skinheads, Punks and new age Rastafarians will be more likely to up to their necks in vegan mayonnaise.

Adrian Ling from Plamil the UK Vegan pioneers of soya milk, dairy free and pea protein products “We’ve sold more egg free vegan mayonnaise this year than ever before and gallons of it are going to Glastonbury”

A Glastonbury festival caterer says” The Vegan mayonnaise tastes delicious and suits everybody”

Adrian adds “One of our clients recommends it as emergency festival all over body sun-screen too, but it’s not something we would recommend unless you have a good friend who’s keen to lick it all off “

“There’s a big demand for organic Dairy free, egg free, vegan and vegetarian food at these festival events. It makes no sense for caterers to have various brands when they can have gallons of one vegan one that pleases everyone” says catering consultant Tony Bishop-Weston from Foods For Life.

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Plamil pioneers of UK soya milk, pea protein and dairy free chocolate. - Egg free mayonnaise

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