Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Vegan - Just the Very Donkeys!

veganism is just the very donkeys'It's like The World just woke up! It seems wherever you look people have worked out that Veganism is "just the very donkey's" (Just the Job)

The solutions that veganism has to offer are not new, Donald Watson invented vegan movement back in November 1944. We seem to have suddenly reached critical mass all around the world people are picking up these 60 year old ideas and running with them.

Nutritionists are discovering veganism - "New research has shown that vegan chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate" says London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston.

Scientists are discovering Veganism - "livestock animals bred for their meat produce 21 per cent of the carbon dioxide that's due to human activity. So cutting out meat can do more to stop global warming than cutting down on oil and coal" says British Scientist Alan Calverd in Physics World Magazine

Human Rights campaigners are discovering Veganism "As a meat-eater, I’ve long found it convenient to categorise veganism as a response to animal suffering or a health fad. But, faced with these figures, it now seems plain that it’s the only ethical response to what is arguably the world’s most urgent social justice issue." says the Guardians' George Monbiot

Caterers and retailers and even the BBC are discovering veganism.

There are more Famous Vegans than ever before, Vegan Shoes, new Vegan Websites, vegan cars and loads of new Vegan Cookbooks.

Even the UK Food Standards Agency has decided that Vegan is easier than Vegetarian

It seems clear that Vegan is the new black - in fact just the very donkey's!

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Tony - FoodsForLife said...

Yes vegan is the new black, the new rock and roll and just the very donkey's