Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Make your own TEMPEH

Make the best TEMPEH | Gunter Pfaff

How to make your own Tempeh!

make your own tempeh

"Betsy's Tempeh Foundation was formed in 2008 to help disseminate the information we accumulated over many years for making a consumer friendly tempeh.

When we were producing Betsy’s Tempeh™ commercially (1987-96) we received two patents for making tempeh on stainless steel trays, using a water bath method for heating and cooling (see " New Technology for making Tempeh")

The resulting tempeh was superior to other tempeh on the market and our version was a great success with retail customers as well as restaurants and institutions.

When the time came to either expand or retire , no one could be found to continue Betsy's Tempeh - otherwise you would have found it in your favorite store for the past twenty years. Although we retired and moved several times - over the years, people have tracked us down, to ask for help in producing Betsy’s Tempeh.

In early 2008 we conducted additional tests to produce our tempeh using readily available food approved items. We can now show that it can be made both at home or in a commercial setting."

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