Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's OK for vegans to eat oysters.

It's OK for vegans to eat oysters. - By Christopher Cox - Slate Magazine

The trouble is there are so many reasons to be vegan - there's no wonder that convienegans are on the rise - it's no surprise.

Oysters are pretty low down the food chain and quite possibly even intesively reared farming of them does little to cause them or the planet distress.

The term Vegan just makes things nice and easy for chefs and customers - no animal products - if it's from a plant it's OK - if it's anything else then no. Simplicity that's the secret of a good philosophy.

Once you venture into 'ah but', and 'except for' and 'unless' it risks following in the footsteps of Judaism and needing a book to explain the book advising what to do on the seventh day of the seventh month in the seventh year when there's a total eclipse of the sun and you can see seven moons in the sky.

No animal products - it's easy, simple - even a child could do it.

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